My Methods & Fees

Soma Sessions

This session is bodywork focused, utilizing techniques that release tension and relax the body and mind, and dive into the deeper issues present in the body. I access and invite the innate wisdom of the body through the fascia and nervous system integrating Massage, CranioSacral, and elements of Somatic Experiencing® and SomatoEmotional Release (SER).


The soma session is excellent for: stress, anxiety/depression, pain, nervous system balancing and bringing greater awareness to the issues that the body is bringing to consciousness.


I make and use my own massage oils and products that are completely natural, and are geared towards reducing pain and inflammation, and stimulate relaxation and healing.


This session can be covered under RMT benefits.  

45 Minute Session – $85.00        75 Minute Session - $135.00

60 Minute Session – $108.00      90 Minute Session - $165.00    (Prices include taxes)

CranioSacral Therapy

CST is a hands-on therapy that releases deep tension and trauma held in the body. It targets the fascia and nervous system, with an intention to unlock, unwind and access past and present pain and dysfunction. CST allows the body and brain to reset and deeply relax. 


With the addition of Somatic Experiencing® and SER, this session can discharge the energies held in the body and psyche from trauma, slowly and at the client’s pace.


CST can benefit those experiencing physical, mental and emotional symptoms from a wide variety of conditions – anxiety, pain, stress, depression, accidents, etc.


This session can be covered under RMT benefits.

60 Minute Session - $108.00              (For first time CST clients, I recommend 75-90 minutes)       

75 Minute Session – $135.00

90 Minute Session - $165.00              (Prices Include taxes)

Pure Energy Sessions

This session is pure energy work, using Reiki and/or shamanic/traditional interventions. For any traditional/shamanic work requested, there needs to be an initial assessment done by myself.


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a form of hands-on-healing, that stimulates the recipient’s body into states of healing and balancing. It promotes relaxation, stimulates the body’s innate healing processes, and has the ability to shift consciousness.


Shamanic healing involves therapeutic work on the soul and energy body (aura). In shamanic traditions, it is believed that every human dis-ease or disharmony begins on the energetic level: that is, at the level of the soul’s blueprint, and aura or energy field. Shamans “see” what is at odds with the human energy field and use traditional methods to bring healing and balance back into the system


Pure energy sessions can be provided via distance healing as well.

Reiki can be covered under some insurance plans, but not under RMT benefits.

60 Minute Session – $108.00

90 Minute Session - $165.00              (Prices Include taxes)

My Credentials

B.A. Honours at York University in Mass Communication & English - 1995

Book & Magazine Publishing Diploma from Centennial College - 1996


Registered Massage Therapist - Graduated in 1999


CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release Training

@ The Cranial Therapy Centre & The Upledger Institute - since 2006

Somatic Experiencing® Training with The SE Trauma Institute - since March 2019

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Jodie Cara Lindley, RMT

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